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Thermal Oil Boiler
Date: 2021-12-22 09:41
About us:
CHINA XINRUNDE COMPANY is a technology company serving the wood-based panel industry worldwide. Founded in 1989 year and located in worlds biggest wood-based panel production base -- LINYI City, which is famous for manufacturing all kinds of veneer, plywood, blockboard, particle board, LVL, MDF,HDF etc.. Thanks


Detailed introduction

Brief description:
YLL / YGL series organic heat carrier furnaces are assembled forced circulation chain grate / fixed hearth boilers. The boiler consists of an upper body and a lower grate / fixed hearth, which are assembled on site.
The heating surface of the boiler body adopts close-packed circular coils, which are composed of inner and outer layers of close-packed coils. Coil gaps are compatible with fuel to reduce ash deposits.
Automatic gas shielded welding processes and equipment are required for the butt jointing of the heating surface tubes of the boiler, and 100% real-time X-ray online detection is available. The welding quality is stable and reliable.
The boiler is fully assembled, with compact structure, small parts and short installation cycle.
1.High efficiency and energy saving
The heat exchange surface of the furnace body adopts a close-packed coil structure, and the flue gas S-type multi-return heat exchange has a high heat exchange coefficient and high thermal efficiency.
The end of the boiler is equipped with a high-efficiency air pre-heater or steam / hot water energy-saving products to absorb heat, reduce exhaust temperature, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption.
The boiler adopts high-quality insulation materials and special construction technology, and the heat loss is small.
The grate and furnace arch are specially designed, the air volume is independently adjusted, the coal is burned evenly and fully, and the coal type is widely adaptable.
Combining industrial automation control technology, Internet technology, computer software, and artificial intelligence technology to build an industrial boiler IoT platform can realize remote human-computer interaction and data sharing, and realize automatic control.
2.Safe and reliable
The heating surface of the body adopts close-packed coils, and the heating surface is adequately arranged, which effectively reduces the heat load on the surface of the tube, and the use of the heat-conducting oil medium is safer.
The medium flow is reasonable. The heat transfer oil is from low (inlet) to high (outlet). The medium gas generated during operation is difficult to stay in the furnace and can be easily discharged from the system.
The furnace roof is arranged with a densely arranged coil tube tidal arch design to avoid burnout of the furnace roof and has a long continuous use cycle.
The boiler operation adopts remote and near-ground multi-parameter monitoring, and complete automatic control and monitoring instruments.
3. Environmental protection Configure appropriate flue gas treatment equipment according to local bad warranty requirements, and the flue gas emissions meet environmental protection requirements.
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