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Horizontal LVL Cold press 5200mm
Date: 2020-01-16 21:32
About us:
CHINA XINRUNDE COMPANY is a technology company serving the wood-based panel industry worldwide. Founded in 1989 year and located in worlds biggest wood-based panel production base -- LINYI City, which is famous for manufacturing all kinds of veneer, plywood, blockboard, particle board, LVL, MDF,HDF etc.. Thanks


Detailed introduction

1. The main frame is welded by one-time blanking of national standard steel plate. The structure is simple, the design is reasonable, the rigidity is high, the strength is high, and the bearing pressure is large.
2. Microcomputer control, high degree of automation, strong reliability, easy adjustment and long service life.
3. The hydraulic control system uses high-quality hydraulic parts, which can pressurize quickly and accurately, and have high working efficiency.
4. The model is complete, and can be customized according to the size of the user.

Technical specifications:

Machine model BY214X16/9-II
Normal gross pressure 9000KN/900TON
Panel in-feeding direction Horizontal
Opening distance 1280mm
Working platform dimension 1380 x 5200mm
Plunger oil cylinders diameter Φ240mm
Plunger oil cylinders quantity 8pcs
Plunger oil cylinders stroke 1000mm
Plunger oil cylinders position Upside
Lifting cylinders diameter Φ100mm
Lifting cylinders quantity 2pcs
Allowed pressure ≤ 16MPa
Lifting cylinders stroke 1000mm
Position of lifting cylinders Downside
Unit pressure 14kgf/cm2
Panel dimension 1270 x 5200mm
Plunger oil cylinder flowing 89L/Min
Allowed pressure ≤25Mpa
Motor power 15Kw
In-feed conveyor motor power 2.2Kw
In-feed conveyor speed 6m/min
Machine weight 56000Kgs
Machine dimension 6100 x 4200 x 6600mm

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